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Our estimating service utilizes your real-time data to accurately quantify materials and project costs. We provide comprehensive analyses, including labour and overhead expenses, ensuring thorough planning. By leveraging the latest information, we enable informed decision-making for successful project execution within budgetary constraints.


Our budgeting method offers flexibility and accuracy. Utilizing your data or our price list, we create customized budgets tailored to your needs. Expenses are categorized for easy tracking. Whether using your data or ours, we ensure effective financial management to help achieve your goals confidently and efficiently.

Invoice Tracking

Our invoice tracking system offers real-time monitoring of incoming invoices, automated matching with price lists or purchase orders, and monthly summaries of expenses. This streamlined process ensures accuracy, efficiency, and financial transparency, empowering you to make informed decisions with ease.

Automation Solutions

We specialize in tailored workflow automation solutions, spanning from site safety to detailed analysis of hours, materials, and costs. Leveraging Power Automate, Azure, and Power BI, our advanced technologies optimize processes and provide actionable insights for informed decision-making, ensuring efficiency and productivity across your organization.


Our procurement services manage construction project procurement from start to finish, aligning with budgetary goals and quality assurance procedures. We handle sourcing, negotiation, and quality control, optimizing costs while ensuring materials meet standards. Entrust us with procurement for efficient, cost-effective, and quality-driven project outcomes.

Increase Project Efficiency

Increased project efficiency through expert guidance and project management strategies.

Risk Mitigation

Minimized risks with thorough analysis and mitigation plans tailored to construction projects.

Project Outcomes

Enhanced project outcomes with innovative solutions and industry-leading expertise.

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Maverick Solutions offers these essential services to empower builders in navigating construction projects with confidence and efficiency.